A Distressed Government

Government has become many things – all of which are showing serious signs of distress. It is crumbling. They know it, and are afraid. Perhaps this goes a long way in explaining their irrationality.  Fear now permeates the very fabric of governmental existence. Hypocrisy, recklessness, denial, and criminality are rampant. Government has evolved into a monster of epic proportions that is now turning on itself and eating its own. Paranoia has set in. Government has long been a purveyor of fear. Whipping up fear amongst the public and directing it where they want it is a favored tactic. But they’ve become a victim of their own policies. In deciding who they want us to fear the most they are seeing enemies everywhere, enemies of their own making, as they work feverishly to distract us from their real agendas and nefarious covert actions. Government has become home and haven for the…


Turn Fear Around and Use it Like a Wicked Slider

What do you fear? Is it terrorism, nuclear war, disease, poverty, job loss, crime, the police, privacy loss, or climate change? Or perhaps it’s losing your social status, youthful appearance, or not keeping up with the Joneses? Maybe you don’t consider any of these fears, just worries or concerns. It doesn’t really matter. The political and corporate elite don’t hesitate to turn anything they can into fear and prey on it. Fear is an effective tool of manipulation and control. In these chaotic and perilous times everything is being taken to a whole new level and fears of all kinds are flourishing. The list of fears is as long as it is varied, and they’re coming in at us hard and fast like wicked sliders in baseball. They need us fearful and confused. It keeps us in line and them in control. Is there going to be a major war,…


Waking Up from The Fog of Ideology and Propaganda

Waking up from the fog of ideology and propaganda that engulfs us is a process – usually a long one. There are stirrings of waking during this process, but these will only be recognized later with the benefit of hindsight. “Waking up” is the best description of what it’s like, and although it can be quite a rude awakening, it’s a welcome one. When the fog of ideology and propaganda lifts vision clears, perception changes, and realities rearrange. You will need to decide how you’re going to handle this new state of awareness. There can be no returning to the fog. This is your new reality – embrace it. Floodgates will open allowing previously blocked or distorted information to filter through to your consciousness. Your ability to take in new information will expand greatly and you’ll eagerly seek it out, but expect a healthy dose of anger alongside this. Anger…


A Regime Change to Call Our Own

It was bound to happen, sooner or later. America’s long history of regime change has finally come home to roost. Those who pushed so ardently for it elsewhere are now pushing for it here. Ah, the irony of it all. Wonder how this one’s going to turn out. If past events are any indication then fasten your seat-belt. It could well be a bumpy ride. Regime change can be a messy and nasty business, and there’s certainly no shortage of nastiness going around Washington. It’s hard to imagine it getting worse, but no doubt it will. The entrenched establishment wants Trump gone so bad they can taste it, and they’re doing whatever they can to make it happen. They’re desperately looking for anything they can use to impeach him. They are also using the well-documented formula of funding and inciting a color revolution to help bring about this regime change….


What’s Behind The Russian Hacking Allegations

The cries of Russian hacking have finally begun to subside. They were a convenient diversion which seems to have run its course – for now anyway. But diversion is exactly the point. Continuous diversions and accusations are being used as distraction and misdirection tools and not just by Clinton and the Democrats. There are plenty of Republicans in that mix too. In fact, anyone who is a part of, or has been hoodwinked by the Establishment is absolutely furious. Their agenda has been upended. Blaming Russia for something is usually a part of that, but as with most things there are unsaid motives behind this story. Clinton, the Democratic Party, and their supporters absolutely refuse to accept any responsibility for the election loss, or perhaps their psyche just renders them incapable of it. The blame must be placed elsewhere. Not only that, but they seem to be unable to move…


Healthcare, Costs, and the Elephant in the Room

It’s that time of year again. Healthcare costs are rising and once again, of course, it’s entirely our fault and we must be punished. We’re too fat and have an unhealthy diet. We aren’t controlling our diabetes and blood pressure. We smoke and drink too much. We need to exercise and reduce our stress, etc., etc. Preventative Healthcare is preached like a fiery sermon from the pulpit of healthcare professionals, the insurance industry, employers, companies, and health nuts. But…there’s an elephant in the room that isn’t acknowledged nearly enough regarding responsibility for health and healthcare costs. There are numerous chemicals and substances that we are exposed to everyday – way too many to list here. They’re everywhere – in our homes, workplaces, water, air, and even the food we eat. Many aren’t going to have adverse effects in the short-term, but what about years from now? It’s impossible to predict…


Re-Directing the Anger Post-Election

So Trump is to be the next president. What a huge surprise as so many didn’t think he could do it. What should be far more alarming than Trump’s win are the resentments and divisions it’s causing between people. Like it or not, Trump was a legitimate candidate, and any who voted for him had every right to do so. As we continue to move farther into the post-election season, it’s important we don’t get stuck in a cycle of hate and re-direct anger towards those who deserve it and away from each other. The people who voted for Trump had their reasons for doing so, as did those who voted for Clinton. Some voted for a third party, but many people don’t view this as an option. Instead, they believed they had to make a choice and decide who was the lesser of two evils; a truly sad state…


Expressing Displeasure at the Polls

The only way to break or weaken the hold of our two party systems is to sufficiently threaten their power base. They will only change if they are forced to, and this needs to happen. Otherwise, the status quo will be maintained and we will not only get more of the same, but things will get progressively worse. And so what are we to do about this? Many believe there isn’t anything we can do, that we are powerless. On an individual level we are, but perhaps not if enough take to expressing displeasure at the polls. I have my own method for expressing displeasure at the polls. I no longer vote for major party candidates, and haven’t for a long time. Many think they have to or it’s the same as throwing their vote away because a third party candidate cannot win. This is certainly one way of looking…


The Not-So-Amazing World of Carny Politics

Time is short, the election is drawing near, and carny politics has been the defining characteristic of this campaign. This makes it hard to take either of the two major candidates seriously. They are making fools of themselves. Their focus is skewed and good luck figuring out their priorities. If this is what we have vying for one of the top jobs in the world then we are in sorry shape indeed. Bring on the clowns and the cotton candy. Where then, is the media in all of this? Remember those who are supposed to hold the government accountable? Oh, that’s right, they’re the ones supporting and broadcasting carny politics right into our homes. They enjoy providing a dizzying ride that spins faster and faster and leaves a sickening feeling behind. Just know that the ride never stops so if you want off you must jump. Perhaps we should call…


The Reality of the American and Russian Myths in America And the Environment That Sustains Them

The relentless and escalating propaganda war that Washington has been zealously pursuing against Russia has placed increased emphasis on the undeniable and glaring fact that informed knowledge about world events is woefully lacking among the general public in America. This is nothing new of course, but as we move farther into this dangerous scenario the long-term implications are become ever more alarming. Washington does not want to see and in fact fears a strong and independent Russia, and the regrettable result could very well see Russia as our enemy once again. This is most unfortunate as it benefits no one in the long term, and as an American it is extremely dismaying to see this happen. Indeed, our government has set us on a very dangerous course, and it would be beneficial if more American citizens would recognize and challenge government and mainstream media rhetoric. The sad fact is that…