The content you will find here is written from the perspective of an average citizen – someone from the other side. I do have a college education but I am not, have never been, and most likely will never be in a position to have any influence on public opinion or policy. I am not a professional journalist, scholar, business or political leader, nor am I necessarily concerned with securing the approval of these groups. What I am, like many of you, is alarmed by the deteriorating state of our world with the unlimited rhetoric and ceaseless talk that solves little yet underscores a real lack of initiative and progress.

You will not find any “breaking news” here, but critical analysis based on observations and life experience. It may at times be flawed or unpopular, but it will be honest and blunt. I will be writing on numerous topics, some broad in scope and others dealing with more specific issues. My goal is to to encourage in others reflection, inquisitiveness, and an active interest in our world.

By all means, feel free to disagree with me. Opinions should promote discussion and debate which is necessary to bring awareness to differing perspectives and experiences. Only in this way can compromises and solutions be found. Too few have had the microphone for too long, and the only things they have to show us for it is a destabilized civilization with an uncertain future.

It is necessary and timely to break away from the programming we are subjected to and venture into a more involved, yet independent and questioning way of being and thinking. With the future looking precarious for so many, this is becoming increasingly important as time goes on.

My name is Alyx Kaye and it is my hope that many more will join me!