Destroyers of Language

What has happened to language? We developed it to make us strong. Now it’s used to make us weak. It’s a chaotic mess used to deceive, manipulate, obstruct, steal and destroy. That it’s occurring over such a large spectrum is a good indicator of major upheaval to come – be it world war, civil war, or a totalitarian state. Language is always the first casualty.

Yes, there have always been those who use language in negative ways for their own ends. This is nothing new, but it’s become an invasive and popular practice that rewards and advances those who regularly do it, and confuses and punishes those who do not. Everything has been turned on its head and truth is avoided like the plague.

It was easy, really. Change the language, and you change the meaning. Change the meaning, and you change results. Change results, and you change the world. At least, that’s the thinking.

Enter the “fake news” mania. The major news sources are no longer functioning properly. They have become the puppets and property of the state, whether they can allow themselves to admit it or not. We’re like animals in a zoo to them. We must be “fed” what is true – whether it’s good for us is not important.

This has also spread to most other sectors of society where a policy of language manipulation has been adopted. The goal, of course, is to lead people down a trail of false hopes and unattainable goals, or present them with confusing language that is damn near impossible to decipher. Language has become nothing more than a tool used to mask the true objectives and outcomes of the corrupt.

Pay close attention to what the politicians say, and the way in which they say it.  Public speeches or statements are crafted to present an impression of goodwill, cooperation, and concern. But they never say what they really mean, or really mean what they say. It’s a game. Its real life Monopoly and the stakes are high. All bets are off.

Listening to a politician or public persona speak can be incredibly painful experience unless, of course, you’re stupid enough to take what you’re hearing at face value. In truth, language has been so thoroughly damaged and changed that it’s become necessary to dissect not only every phrase, but every word – literally. We must constantly be searching for the hidden meaning behind what is said. The only time language is employed with any honesty is when it’s forced.

Likewise, nothing is to be written using plain, easy to understand language. That puts too much power in the hands of the average person – an unacceptable situation – and so the language is made incomprehensible to most. Specialization in any area is needed to understand and navigate its complex web, and it’s very questionable just how much the experts themselves really understand.

Ever try deciphering and understanding tax codes or insurance claims statements? Anything containing any type of legal language is not meant to be understood. But how much do the lawyers themselves really understand? Do lawyers have to turn to other lawyers to figure out the meaning of what other lawyers wrote? Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Perhaps, but crazy is the new normal, and the crazy are running the show.

And these crazy people have a real love of mazes. Constructing linguistic mazes is essential to their success. It is somewhat of a struggle for them though. Notice the frantic need to keep constructing ever more nonsensical mazes in a desperate attempt to control narratives, outcomes, and people. This can be interpreted as a good sign. It means they know they aren’t in total control and are experiencing fear as a result. We should be taking advantage of this.

Here in the Western world, especially, destroyers of language are paid well. It’s a full-time job with many perks and bonuses. For those whose internal compass doesn’t run along such devious lines, navigating linguistic mazes is nothing short of a nightmare full of dangers. Now, thanks to political correctness, such hazards have seeped into everyday society. Say what you mean and mean what you say and you’re frowned at and considered abnormal, even criminal. Reward the criminal and punish the honest.

The destroyers of language are leading us down into the abyss. If there’s any hope of crawling back out of it we must start with reversing the damage they’ve done – and it begins with language. We must adapt a constant state of challenging the narrative and exposing the lies – repeatedly. Tear down their words, expose the lies behind them, and call them to account. The language they’ve been destroying we must work to rebuild. Is this risky and dangerous? Yes, it is, but it must be done, or we will lose everything.



Turn Fear Around and Use it Like a Wicked Slider

What do you fear? Is it terrorism, nuclear war, disease, poverty, job loss, crime, the police, privacy loss, or climate change? Or perhaps it’s losing your social status, youthful appearance, or not keeping up with the Joneses? Maybe you don’t consider any of these fears, just worries or concerns. It doesn’t really matter. The political and corporate elite don’t hesitate to turn anything they can into fear and prey on it.

Fear is an effective tool of manipulation and control. In these chaotic and perilous times everything is being taken to a whole new level and fears of all kinds are flourishing. The list of fears is as long as it is varied, and they’re coming in at us hard and fast like wicked sliders in baseball.

They need us fearful and confused. It keeps us in line and them in control. Is there going to be a major war, or not? Will there be another economic collapse soon, or not? Is this certain food or activity healthy, or not? Just a few months ago we heard it is; now we’re hearing it’s not. Will you still have a job six months from now, or not? Will you lose your health insurance, or not? And on and on the list goes. Can you see the slippery slope? Fear leaves us confused, distracted, and at odds with each other. It’s an effective sleight of hand trick employed on a global scale.

But finally we are seeing it turning around and fear is now alive and well on the other side of the socioeconomic divide. They cannot always control the narrative or results in real time as they once did. They’re trying hard, but they’re failings are piling up. The quick flow, access, and sharing of information have proven to be a real thorn in their side, and they absolutely fear and hate it.

Cracks in the foundation are multiplying due to their massive, widespread corruption and criminal activity. People are doing some serious digging and questioning. This is causing them major problems, leaving them hopping from situation to situation as they attempt damage control. They’re increasingly flustered and off their previously well-oiled game. It’s rather enjoyable to watch.

Exposure must be their biggest fear. They have money, power, influence, safety and security, yet they have farther to fall then we do. The increasing threats of exposure from multiple directions can magnify their fears and ultimately bring them down. Not all at once, but this weakens them over time.

The potential loss of the money, power, and control they have accumulated must be nightmarish to them. They should be worried because they are, slowly but surely, being exposed for the frauds and criminals many of them are. Most of what they have has been taken from us through deception or by force, or we have blindly and stupidly given it away to them. It will take more of the same, and then some, for them to keep it.

It seems as though time is running short. The more they are exposed, the harder and dirtier they fight, and the more impatient they are to push through their agendas. What does this mean for us? It means further loss of our already eroded privacy and freedoms, more war, and a continuing decline of national, individual, and environmental resources. None of this is anything to look forward to. Expect a very hard struggle.

We must find ways of using their fears against them to weaken them further. It’s time to stop listening, believing, and giving chances. Nothing will improve unless, and until, the people take action. Turn the fear around and start throwing some wicked sliders of our own. Every little bit counts. Many of us together can have an impact.

For example, imposing sanctions is a tactic they favor. This would be a good place to start. We can impose our own brand of sanctions without ever leaving the house. Let’s start speaking their language and hit them with things they’ll understand.

Get away from relying on the mainstream media as a primary news source. This is essential. Check the headlines if you must, but they’re so shallow and biased that it’s unnecessary to read further. Their main concern is ratings and spewing out the approved narrative. Why reward them for that?  Their credibility is dwindling fast as they continually prove untrustworthy. Let’s capitalize on this, turn their fear into a reality, and render the mainstream news obsolete. Consider ditching mainstream television as well; it’s just mind numbing nonsense that you’re paying for.

Most people use Facebook, Twitter, and Google – one if not all three. There are major privacy and censorship concerns with all these. If you use all three, or even two, get rid of at least one. There are other options out there. If you want to protect your privacy as much as possible, and don’t want any outside party controlling what you see, then you should seriously consider not using these big companies. There are also concerns that Amazon is getting way too big. Consider using their services sparingly, if at all. Buy local when you can, or order direct from companies.

Find an independent investigative news organization, journalist, or organization focusing on constitutional or civil liberties to donate to who are working on our behalf. They have small budgets and could use the help. We should support those who are on our side instead of those who just want to control our money and our lives. Just do thorough research first to make sure you know to whom, and for what, your money is going.

These are just a few suggestions, but there are many, many more. These may not seem like much, and if only a few participate then they aren’t. But if many of us do something then we can be more effective at preying on their fears. Take a look at what you use in your life and what changes can be made. Use your imagination. There are ways to resist without joining protests or signing petitions. Passive resistance can be very effective. We should take control where we can, even in small ways.

Most people are aware, at least on some level, that things aren’t right with the world. Perhaps the biggest thing we can do right now is to communicate with each other. Talk to people and share information and ideas. Pay close attention to policies and policymakers, and ask questions. The powers that be fear this too. We’ve been kept in intellectual ignorance and submission for many years. We need to reverse that trend.

It’s our own governments, financial institutions, and the big multi-national corporations whose very greed and self-centered focus has brought such chaos, destruction, and decline into societies the world over. Contrary to all the endless promises and cleverly crafted language from politicians, people see that their lives are getting worse, not better.

It’s a pretty sure bet that when they say one thing, the truth is actually the opposite. Austerity is for us, not them. Obeying laws is for us, not them. Having insufficient or no healthcare is for us, not them. No expectation of privacy is for us, not them. Loss of rights is for us, not them. And again, the list goes on and on. We are truly in a fight for survival now.

Make no mistake about it; fear does exist on both sides of the socioeconomic divide. Let’s turn it to our advantage. This may not be a war we can win, but we shouldn’t even consider surrendering without a fight. It isn’t quite “game over” yet.







We the Audience Members


Being an audience member is fine when attending an event, such as a Shakespearean play. Attendance is optional, and if the performance is poor you can always leave before it’s over. You will not get your money back, but the experience is not going to have any long term effects on your life. It can be put behind you once you leave, and you don’t have to ever return to it.

Being an audience member is not so fine when the performance is happening on the local, national, and world stage. Attendance is not optional, it’s mandatory. We cannot exit the theater because it’s all around us.

We are reluctant audience members forced to witness poor performance after poor performance. Negative feedback is frowned upon, and disruptions can lead to retaliations. There is, after all, a huge divide between the performers and the audience, and much that separates the two. Not only that, but while these “performers” get all the kudos, we the audience members get the bill. And what a hefty bill it is.

You can count on these performances being poor, because that too is mandatory. Lying, finger pointing, misdirection, crying foul, and hypocrisy are not only encouraged, but expected. They are either unaware of how ridiculous they look and sound, and how unbelievable they come across, or they don’t care.

Unfortunately, these repeatedly poor performances have had a benumbing effect on some audience members. A standard of poor performance has been set that has some taking their cue from this and imitating it within their own spheres of influence, with less than acceptable results. The few who are brave enough not to play by these rules can expect ridicule, poor reviews, and denunciations from their peers.

Performances are so consistently poor that for the most part these performers must generate their own fans. Certain sections of the media must support them to protect their own personal interests. Young people are also apt to be drawn in due to their limited life experience and inclination to get caught up in the moment and the rhetoric. In addition, when it comes down to it these performers must support each other to protect their own positions.

Disappointment in these performances is a given, with some audience anger, frustration, and embarrassment thrown in at times to top it off. They try to lure people in with the promise of better performances to come, but it’s always more of the same. They show up and the results are dismal. Hopefully this cycle will eventually run its course with better performances to come, but until then be wary of eating too much of their popcorn. It’s hard telling what they’re putting in it.


Hard to Imagine Massive Change

Massive, unsettling change – it’s hard to imagine it happening to our civilization isn’t it? We wake up every day with the expectation that our world will be as it was yesterday. Creatures of habit and routine, we depend on this for our sense of safety and stability. It’s hard to imagine waking up and finding that the world as we know it is no longer. Since it’s hard to imagine, it’s easy to deny the possibility, but that doesn’t mean that we should.

The world is experiencing a period of transition. We are struggling to make sense of, and find solutions to numerous issues and problems. But we are attempting this with outmoded systems and mindsets that no longer produce effective results, only more of the same. It’s like the saying goes that “the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over expecting different results”. Take a look around there is a lot of this going on.

We tend to view drastic changes and events in other areas of the world in a disconnected way. We aren’t feeling the pain or reeling from the life changing societal events that others are. America has been relatively stable for a long time and this has insulated us. Collectively we have forgotten much, nor do we care to be reminded. We think we are safe, and for right now we seem to be, but how safe is it to assume this can’t change?

We tend to scoff at the possibility of major upheavals, believing that it cannot happen to us. We rely on the powers that be to overcome anything that threatens our way of life and our safety. How can we be so convinced that there will never be another world war, a devastating epidemic, an economic collapse, or any other major occurrence? The field is wide open. These things have happened before and they can happen again.

Think about how life would be different if something devastating did happen. What would a new reality look like, and could we survive in it? These aren’t pleasant things to think about. This is not meant as a gloom and doom prophesy, but to point out that these are possibilities that we may be faced with at some point. There are lots of powder keg situations in the world, any one of which could act as a trigger for catastrophe given the right conditions.

No one can see into the future and know how things are going to play out. Most people just want to live their lives and not think or worry about such things. But if the worst happens then we may wish that all we had to do was think about it, because then we’ll be forced to adapt, and that could be much worse.

Transition periods can go either way. We will either successfully work through it, or we will fail. Transitions are painful though. They involve a lot of change, something most are resistant to. But if we want to survive, then we must change. This is especially true considering that we now possess the capability to destroy ourselves. This is particularly hard to imagine, but it is a fact not to be taken lightly. The status quo cannot be sustained indefinitely – it’s becoming increasingly unstable. History is full of beginnings, endings, and turning points and no society is exempt from this – including ours.


Trust is Lost and People are Moving

It’s unmistakable that people worldwide are on the move and we are all at least witness to this, even if we aren’t all moving yet. Rising levels of discontent, disillusion, and alarm have brought about a process of awakening that has provided the push for this movement. Evidence of this is clear no matter what news is followed, and this movement takes many forms. Leaders of all types fear this as it threatens their sense of control and stability. These events should really come as no surprise to them. This is what happens when trust is lost. It causes people to move.

Movement on the internet is extensive as people flock to express their loss of trust. It is here that people are moving words and expressing their ideas, opinions, personal experiences, and concerns. Social media, blogs, YouTube and other sites are common outlets. It’s also here where investigative journalists and independent news sites can publish what the mainstream media refuses to. Is it no wonder that an open internet scares the hell out of the powerful and influential? The last thing they want is communication, awareness, and unity of any kind. This can topple empires.

Protests have been popping up in various places around the world for quite some time. People are gathering in large numbers to take a stance against things like Monsanto, climate change, the war in Syria, the TPP trade deal, and austerity measures to name but a few. Police in riot gear are also a common sight at these protests. Europe especially is seeing a lot of protests and contention due to the refugee movement and is looking more and more like a powder keg.

Movements have sprung up because people no longer trust that any changes or improvements will be made. America has seen Occupy Wall Street, which didn’t last, and the Tea Party which has since been absorbed by the Republican Party and is no longer what it was in its beginning. Now we are seeing the Black Lives Matter movement, but it remains to be seen what will happen with that. Most likely there will be more movements pop up in our future as situations remain unchanged and those with power remain obstinate while people remain dissatisfied.

People are leaving war torn regions. This is a literal movement of people who have lost trust in the ability of any government to improve the situation. Violence and death in these areas plays out on a continuous loop with no end in sight. These areas are not physically, economically, socially, or intellectually viable, stable, or safe for the average person or family. Is it any wonder that those who are able to are leaving?

Whistleblowers and investigative journalists are nothing new, but the personal risks they now run are more dangerous than ever before. They are viewed as enemies, and they are being dealt with in an increasingly hostile manner. Every year many lose their lives, their freedom, or experience harassment, and yet continue to bring out into the open that which others want to keep hidden. Every time they do so we are reminded that our loss of trust is not misplaced or the result of paranoia.

Organizations have been formed to try and protect and fight for rights as the only truth that can be trusted here is that the restrictions are increasing and invasive. Privacy, the internet, the Constitution, intellectual property, mass surveillance, civil rights, gun rights, – these and other areas are where very real battles are being waged daily. Leaders, corporations, and special interests are trying to take away or severely limit what little we have left, but they are encountering opposition and will continue to do so.

Trust has even been lost between world leaders. They all lie, engage in double-dealing, and have their own agendas. They are playing a game with very high stakes. How can people who operate in such a manner possibly trust one another? Well they can’t, and they don’t. This is why they are unable to work together, at least for any length of time, or on any type of equal footing. They have proven that their expertise lies in creating or exacerbating problems, not solving them, and we are the ones with the most to lose.

Trust is not always lost all at once. Sometimes it involves a long, slow process of awakening. This is what is happening now. The momentum is building, and is going to continue to build because for the most part the trust is gone, and what little remains are fragile. Trust is a wonderful, comforting thing when you have it, even though it is often taken for granted. When it is gone it leaves a huge void and that void is being filled with movement by people who are experiencing and taking the loss of trust seriously.

Yet what is the sad underlying truth of all this? It’s that governments, leaders, and the powerful have never really trusted the people at all, and now the people no longer trust them. This is not a sustainable situation.

There can be no peace without trust, and there is too much that is wrong for any trust that may be left to be maintained indefinitely (in some cases), or re-built (in others). So stay tuned and be watchful. There is more to come.


Control as a Fundamental Motivation

From the time we are born we are subjected to control by others in one form or another. There have always been and will always be controls in place, such as laws designed by societies to maintain a sense of stability and order. These are accepted by most to be normal and necessary. Yet control is often pursued and used with negative intentions and consequences. It’s these controls we must be mindful of as they are the most sought after, fought after, and dangerous things in the world. Locally, regionally, and globally; the fight for control is ongoing and plays out in many covert and overt ways both large and small.

Money and power are two of the most corruptible influences in the world. There are addictive qualities attached to these that are apparent to anyone paying attention. Those who actively pursue and acquire one or both of these are never satisfied and tend to want to more. Enough is never enough, and this mission of accumulation is a full-time job often involving manipulations, deceit, and dubious back room dealings. Money brings purchasing power; the more you have the more you can buy. Power brings the ability, directly or indirectly, to put in place or determine decision and policy making. But it must be asked what money and power really bring in the end, and the answer is control.

Control is the real name of the game, and it is a compulsion that is the driving force behind the decisions and actions of many, whether it is acknowledged as such or not. Control is the end goal and ultimate power trip. We experience the effects of this in our personal lives and through connections to distant bodies such as banks, corporations, and government. There are so many examples that if I tried to list them all I would be here awhile. It is likely I will touch on some in future articles, so I will limit it here.

Big governments push their own agendas to gain control of other regions, either directly or by proxy. Destabilizing regions and installing those who will push the desired agenda allowing for control of resources, economies, and even social conditions is not an improvement for most. There is always a price to be paid, and it’s the general population who end up paying it. Protecting their interests or sphere of influence is what is claimed, and to an extent this may be true, but essentially this is camouflaged language as control is the intended objective. All other considerations are or become incidental, and the huge propaganda machine is used to muddy the waters on all types of issues, situations, and conflicts everywhere. This is true historically, and it is true today.

Local and regional governments are also known to exert their control in ways that have little to do with common sense or the common good. They may be big fishes in little ponds but make no mistake they guard their power jealously. They surround themselves with and reward those who court them, and they don’t take seriously their role as public servants when they rule as if it’s their personal fiefdom. It’s truly a sad spectacle to watch. No wonder the system is crumbling from within, yet they can’t see it. There is no real comprehension that even though they are just a cog in the machine, they are contributing to the decline of the system as a whole when they seek to control it for their own gain and agendas.

Big banks strive to control the economy through manipulation and deceitful practices. They focus on short term gains, risky investments, market manipulations, and bonuses for themselves. Long term implications of their actions either escape their notice, they delude themselves that all is well, or they simply don’t care. And really, why should they care? For the most part, they are protected by government with little fear of any serious reprimands, criminal charges, or changes to their business structure or bottom line. There is no incentive for them to change.

Large corporations strive to control people – through their wallets. An enormous amount of money goes into research that they then use to devise marketing strategies to boost their profits. They do their best to convince us of how wonderful and trustworthy they are, and what a perfect fit they are for us. Even though we pay them to provide us with a product or service, they make all the rules and we end up with the short end of the stick. We don’t get a lot for our money and they are expert at creating bureaucratic mazes that can try the patience of a saint. If their product or service is something we want or need or we are locked in a contract, then any inconveniences and headaches incurred are just part of doing business with them and should be expected and tolerated with good grace on our part.

Religions have always been zealous in their efforts to gain control over peoples’ behaviors, mindsets, money and yes, even their children. Most of these people truly have no respect for individual freewill and utilizing the minds we were born with, and they very much enjoy telling others how wrong they are if their beliefs differ. Guilt and emotional blackmail are used to maintain control and violence and bloodshed is not beneath them. History speaks for itself here and the examples are numerous.

School systems are prime places not only for the use of control, but for indoctrination of it. They employ policies to ensure conformity and compliance to a set educational and politically minded curriculum. It is an environment where encouraging practical and positive growth and development of thought processes is stifled and monitored. But it is an extremely important environment as it affects the young and therefore the future.

Indications of all of the above, and more, can be recognized when following events and issues in the world. Many people seem to be apathetic about the amount of control others have over their lives. I know many are hopeful that as situations deteriorate, as it appears they are, more will become not only uncomfortable with this reality, but more reluctant to give away control so easily and to even take some back.

The first step in resisting the control others exert is by recognizing it for what it is. It makes it easier to tune them out when there is awareness that what comes out of their mouths is not to be trusted. It is important to pay attention to what they do and not what they say. To deny them control whenever possible, even in small ways, is a step forward. Only when enough people become aware and willing will we affect any change for the better. It is true that we can’t control everything, but if we don’t begin taking back control we have either given or had taken away then the only thing we have to look forward to is losing even more. That is not a future to look forward to.


“The human race is a herd. Here we are, unique, eternal aspects of consciousness with an infinity of potential, and we have allowed ourselves to become an unthinking, unquestioning blob of conformity and uniformity. A herd. Once we concede to the herd mentality, we can be controlled and directed by a tiny few. And we are.”     ~ David Icke



The Shelf-Life of Stability

When I first wrote this the crisis in Ukraine was very much in the forefront of the news and migration out of that area was occurring. Of course, it was happening in the Middle East and Africa too, but at that point the refugee migration wasn’t in full swing. That is to say it wasn’t covered extensively in the news as it is now.

People fleeing destabilized regions is an ongoing occurrence and is nothing new. Admittedly, it has been worsening recently, and the stories and photos of these people and areas are astounding. I can only imagine the hardships that are endured, and not only for those who leave but for those who can’t.

Living in a relatively stable area of the world as I do, I cannot help but be aware of how fragile that stability is, and how oblivious and unconcerned so many seem to be as to how quickly that can change. When and how this will occur is anyone’s guess, but undoubtedly it will happen.

History shows us that war, destruction, and chaos are cyclical in nature, affecting different areas and peoples at different times. But we are nothing if not fallible, and our ability to retain collective lessons learned from these events is cyclical as well; these lessons have a shelf-life. As the people directly involved pass on and we become distanced from events, the value of the lessons diminishes. Historically speaking peace is not really the norm, and eventually, whether it is in our lifetime or that of a future generation, the relative stability some of us now enjoy will be gone.

We continue to see much effort being expended in pushing agendas that result in destabilization, unrest, and discontent rather than mutual, beneficial cooperation and progress. Is this really what we want not only for ourselves but for our descendants? We must be wary and watchful of the inclination governments have to pick and choose not only what is remembered and perceived about events, but also the manner in which they portray them.

This holds true not only for past events but for events that are occurring right now. Admittedly they all want to make themselves look good, and this is understandable, but only up to a point.  Using lies, distortions, omissions, and manipulations to accomplish their objectives is not beneficial for any of us in the end. Essentially this is a Dark Age mentality, and we must fight this. After all, no one side owns the truth, nor should they be allowed to.

Counteracting this by engaging in research and analysis by accessing multiple sources is necessary along with the freedom and encouragement to do so. Knowledge, inquisitiveness, and involvement are essential to increase awareness. If we are truly living in a global world, as we so often hear, certain fundamental changes as to how we view and interact with one another must take place in order for us to survive and thrive together. For those unconcerned with historical lessons there are plenty of real time lessons occurring right now.

It is advisable for all of us to be and remain cognizant of what is transpiring, even if it’s happening in another part of the world and we see no immediate connection to ourselves. Just because something doesn’t appear to affect us today doesn’t mean it will not affect us in the future.

We really need to concentrate on reaching a point where stability can be brought about and maintained on a more consistent and far reaching spectrum than what currently exists. In other words, the routine way governments and those with influence operate must change. Their retention level is short, and their goals too narrowly defined and short sighted. This may be a tall order, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to bring this about. In the meantime, on a personal level I am aware that, for now at least, I am indeed one of the very fortunate because…

My home has not been hit and destroyed by shells or bombs.

Nor do I have to live in a refugee camp.

My neighborhood is still intact and has not been destroyed.

I am not an innocent person caught in between warring factions.

My daughters have not been raped, and my sons not seduced into fighting and dying for others.

I can travel because I want to and not because I am fleeing for my life.

I, and everyone I know, is still alive and not the victims of war or irrational people or governments.

I have food to eat.

I have access to medical care and medicine, clean water, electricity, and heat when it’s cold.

I have clean clothes.

I have access to books, and the internet to provide me with access to varied news sources, and people who live far from me.

I did not lose my home today due to unemployment and an inability to pay my bills.

Nor have I had to leave in search of a better life or opportunities elsewhere.

For the moment, at least, I can still speak my mind to promote awareness and change.

And, for now, I am still safe.

But…for how long?