Check It Out!

There are numerous websites out there for those seeking information and news. But there are certain sites that grab attention and stand out for their focus and dedication to specific areas of concern. I have decided to list them here. There most likely will be more added in future as I come across them. – an excellent site for understanding the federal budget. Breaks it all down into categories so people can see exactly where their tax dollars are going. Many areas come with counters, like the deficit counter many are familiar with. Also includes a trade-off section that explores how else our money could be used. Too much information in this site to list it all here. – a report card compiled every 4 years by the American Society of Civil Engineers on the state of America’s infrastructure. Provides a GPA for the whole nation, but also breaks it down into categories such as energy and roads. Also provides data for individual states and presents solutions for raising the grades. Provides a downloadable report card. – the Electronic Frontier Foundation is involved in protecting, and fighting for, civil liberties in the digital world. They follow closely what is happening and have many projects such as the medical privacy project, and bloggers and coders rights. Surveillance, free speech, and copyrights are also areas of focus, to name but a few. – Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility – just as the name implies this organization is there to support public employees who see the need for change and reform in the public sector. Provides support to allow these employees to become activists, anonymously, in order to protect the environment and the public.