Death of a Politically Correct Society

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a society of people who were considered to be strong and prosperous, not only among themselves but by other societies as well. They had their problems and faults just as others did, but they were a spirited, independent society and set a standard that was widely respected and admired. Initially, they shunned away from taking a leading role in world affairs, but time and circumstance found them in position as world leaders. They embraced this role enthusiastically.

But as time went on things began to change. The advantages and possibilities that came with this status proved to be too tempting to resist, and they developed an egocentric mentality that corrupted their views and judgment, thereby forming the basis for all their decisions and actions.

They adopted an uncompromising approach to other societies and it came to be known that they used many nefarious and covert means to obtain their objectives. They were not mindful of effects or consequences, and their standing in the world fell as they came to be regarded with mistrust and doubt. This caused them many problems, but they refused to unbend from their self-interested ways and much chaos resulted and eventually spread.

The approach they took with their own citizens was also damaging yet subtle, and they used methods that were deceptive and gradual so that the majority of their people remained unaware of what this would ultimately mean for them. As the people became more complacent they also became more susceptible to the steady stream of propaganda and encroaching changes in their lives. One effective tool used involved taking two existing terminologies and replacing them with one that allowed for manipulation and behavioral control over time.

The old discarded terminologies were known as common courtesy and good manners. These were simple terms with uncomplicated definitions. They were what their names implied, which was a courteous nature and a respectful manner towards others. But these proved to be too simple and straightforward and therefore weren’t flexible enough, and so they were phased out of use and replaced.

The new term, known as politically correct, became so woven into society and how it functioned that most, besides those over a certain age, had only a vague awareness of the old terms and their meanings. This new term set parameters that made everything susceptible to criticism and change. Society was assessed and judged according to what the definition of politically correct was at a given time, and the definition continually expanded. The new term was supposed to promote tolerance and protect people from potentially offensive language or behavior, but it went too far and everyone became a potential victim or a potential offender, and sometimes both.

Warnings, regulations, and laws became attached to almost everything as it was believed that people needed to be protected not only from others but from themselves as well. Personal responsibility and consequences fell as it became easier to blame other people or situations for almost anything. Apologies, often without any genuine sincerity, became commonplace. Unpretentious behavior and language became the accepted norm as people learned that these were the new rules to abide by in order to succeed in life.

Concern with being politically correct came to dominate all aspects of life, both professional and personal. Strength of character, independent thinking, and a strong sense of self and responsibility were no longer cultivated or seen as desirable traits, and were discouraged. This had a negative and degrading effect on society and affected their views and relations with one another and with other societies as well.

This new manufactured reality was packaged and sold as individuality to their people, but this was a false concept. The molding and control of society was the end goal of the politically correct climate. Conformity was what they were really selling, and unfortunately many people bought it. It became acceptable to express only the views of the status quo and disagreement with this was seen as abnormal, highly questionable, and even dangerous. Life became one large duplicitous game which in the end ensured no winners.

So, how did this story end?

This remains to be seen, as this is not a fairy tale from long ago but an ongoing real story that has not yet played itself out. This is what is currently happening in America, and it’s clear that such an intense focus on being politically correct has had an adverse effect. We have gone from a society of strong individuals to a herd of weak sheep – ripe for the slaughter.

The question now is will the end come from an external source and event, or will we implode from within as our society continues its downward spiral?

Time will tell.

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