Minding Their Own Damn Business

Whether from near or afar, people just cannot resist sticking their noses into other people’s business. It’s a constant bombardment of intrusive, rude, and indifferent people wanting to push their own agendas or beliefs. Self-righteous and judgmental people do it because they think it’s their right, others are after monetary or material gain, and some do it for the feeling of power it gives them. This leads to a tremendous amount of unnecessary stress. Whatever the reason, humanity would be a lot better off if people would worry about minding their own damn business instead of everyone else’s. However, it seems most people are unwilling or unable to do so.

Many people who claim to be religious tend to be rigid in their thinking believing it’s their right and duty to tell others how they should behave, what they should believe, even what they should do and how they should act. Quick to judge and single out, they set standards and expect others to follow. They’re very reproachful of those who don’t conform to their script, yet notice how they can’t take the same treatment themselves. Why dish it out if you can’t take it? Still it happens all the time.

This generates a negative cycle of discrimination, hatred, and insincerity. Why waste a tremendous amount of time, energy, and resources on something that has no resolution – at least not in this life? What a massive and unproductive waste this is.

Life is complex, what comes after is unknown, and no one has all the answers. Nevertheless most Religious people act as though they do, all the while ignoring their own religions’ bloody histories. We will never all agree and come together under the same belief, and there are thousands of years of history to back this up. They haven’t learned this lesson and are repeatedly guilty of not minding their own damn business, and so the cycle continues.

There are also those who make other people’s lifestyle choices their business for financial purposes. For example, insurance companies are increasingly putting restrictions, for what they refer to as incentives on those they insure. They want everyone to make healthy choices to keep down costs, but costs are going to continue to rise no matter what so their excuse holds no water. Every year they make cuts and restrictions, and yet every year costs continue to rise.

Most average citizens have a lot of stress in their lives, the kind that people with money don’t understand or care about. Rather than addressing the causes of stress, these people add to the stress by punishing, or wanting to punish, any unhealthy behavior. Like it or not, this unhealthy behavior is a form of stress relief. Most of the free mental health hotlines made available so people can “talk about it” don’t seem to be solving anything.

There are many employees living paycheck to paycheck and dealing with difficult employers, which also create a heavy burden to bear. Everyone’s method of dealing with stress is different, and you cannot dictate to people what theirs should be. It just doesn’t work that way no matter how much you want it to.

Some people are healthy lifestyle advocates. There is nothing wrong with this, but they believe everyone should be able to easily and willingly drop any bad habits, and be happy and healthy all the time. Really? Sounds like a commercial, doesn’t it? This is an unrealistic outlook with an unattainable goal.

By all means, continue educating people about health and encouraging better choices, but start minding your own damn business a little more and stop making those who don’t conform to your ideal into pariahs. Improvements and moderation aren’t commended and they should be. Remember prohibition? It didn’t work and the war on drugs isn’t working either. It’s time to find a different angle to work from.

Also included among those who should be minding their own damn business is, of course, the government. Terrorism is now used as a very convenient excuse to intrude into the private lives and communications of their own citizens. This is a valid concern, but it’s not the whole story. The bigger government has become the more intrusive and controlling its existence. We will see in the future that the definition of who is a terrorist is very flexible, and more and more people will be put in that category. Believe it or not, it surely is coming.

Let’s not forget business. They live for figuring out how they can limit our choices, take more of our money while delivering less, and coming up with fancy new gimmicks to draw us in. In their ruthless pursuit of their bottom line and control over us, they too aren’t minding their own damn business by actively seeking to influence and direct the lives of consumers for their own benefit. They take this approach not only with their customers, but their employees as well. After all, there are no individuals anymore, only businesses, and they must always project the most perfect image possible. It’s all a continuing facade that will hopefully eventually collapse around itself and the joke will be on these mega corporations.

We would all be better off if people would start minding their own damn business and stop interfering in others. All the time, effort, and resources expended could be put too much sounder use by addressing more practical concerns – of which there are plenty. There are many pressing issues that need dealt with now, and other people’s lifestyle choices aren’t among them. We need to work with what we have and what we’re capable of instead of striving for the impossible. The results if we tried couldn’t be worse than what we have now.



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