Myth or Reality…Time to Choose

Living under a cloud of myths as dense and invasive as we do have obscured our ability to clearly see and differentiate between what is myth and what is reality. But the conflict between myth and reality is very real and can no longer be controlled, ignored or denied. People use myths to control attitudes and behaviors, and to justify their agendas so it appears that they are on the side of right. To do this they must control the story lines, but this comes at a heavy price as the bill for these comes due and the pressure the world is under continues to intensify. Increasingly, it’s becoming more apparent that leaders don’t have a handle on things and the information is there that can aid in unraveling these myths. It is time to do just that.

One thing that is clear is that not only are these myths affecting the majority of society, but they are also affecting those who have a vested interest in maintaining them. The scrutiny they are under has been increasing, and rightly so. The difference between what they’re saying and the results we are seeing and experiencing are getting harder for them to rationalize, but still they persist in outmoded and ineffectual ways. They have become trapped in their refusal to evaluate or consider new approaches or revised thinking to solve problems and deal with important issues. It’s more important to them to maintain the status quo, thereby saving face (or so they think) then it is to admit to any failure or wrong doing on their part. This rigid stance is going to come back and bite us all on the ass.

Cultural myths are not acknowledged as such, but are packaged and presented as unassailable and obvious truths. In America these myths have made us vulnerable as we continue on a path that will have dire consequences for us down the road if we don’t wake up and pull the wool off our eyes while we can. America is entrapped and weighed down under a multitude of myths that confuses and blurs reality for many. An attitude adjustment and reality check is in order and it’s in our best interests to start facing reality as it is, and not as it is presented.

Myth: America is always in the right (a God given one at that), and the rest of the world should bend to our will.

Reality: America is not always right as American foreign policy shows. Under the guise of spreading democracy, (which is a lie) subversive tactics have been used for decades to instigate regime changes and instability to benefit and extend the influence and interests of a few. This has proven to be not only ineffective but with disastrous consequences for those regions with wide ranging implications, and the world is catching on. Our motives are being questioned and our word doubted, and with good reason. We have a tendency to make poor choices and leave chaos in our wake. We operate by two separate sets of rules, one for us and another for everyone else and conduct business using highly questionable and often illegitimate methods. We make allies who turn into enemies, and make enemies of those who should be our allies. We do not come to the table with diplomacy in mind, but as the loud mouthed neighborhood bully who expects, and demands, total compliance. This is not a smart way to conduct business. Eventually, someone stands up to the bully and pushes back.

Myth: Americans live in the best country in the world.

Reality: To be sure there are some aspects to our country that are better than certain other places in the world, but internally America is deteriorating and has been for quite some time. It has been remarked that America is beginning to resemble a third world country, and if things continue on their present course that is what will happen. Money and effort is not being expended to make improvements here, but to line the pockets of a few and to fund foreign ventures and military operations. Our infrastructure is aged and in desperate need of attention (see card). The middle class is being wiped out, and our deficit is inexcusable. Our healthcare system is driven by profit and greed; you may have it but that doesn’t mean you can afford to use it. Law abiding, tax paying seniors who have spent their lives working and saving are being stripped of any wealth they may have. Military veterans encounter numerous obstacles in receiving services they need. They are cast aside and treated like yesterday’s trash. All government bureaucracies are corrupt and top heavy hindering efficiency, and we are taxed to the max and receive little in return. If we are indeed so fortunate, than why are these things, along with many others (too numerous to list), happening?

Myth: America is a democratic society.

Reality: On the face of it, it may look that way. But delve beneath the (shallow) surface and see that government and businesses are continually looking for ways to restrict and control our activities, our choices, and our voices. We are constantly being monitored and assessed through our movements, communications, and purchases. This is a very real, if undeclared war being waged against citizens, and if you are not on some sort of list by now then you are one of the few. The Privacy War is in full swing; we are struggling to preserve it, and they are trying to take it from us. They are good at hiding their motivations and burying their true agendas by using sleight of hand methods like obscure language, distractions, and fear in all its forms. They are intent on control, and this cannot happen in a democratic society. So they have been, bit by bit, chipping away at the foundations, and they are counting on us to let it happen.

I could go on, but my purpose here is to provide a general picture, and to encourage people to research on their own. We need to stop taking anything at face value, and begin to think again for ourselves. The information is out there. It can be daunting at times as there is a lot to sift through, but it is there for the finding. But the question remains; are we ready to face what is happening and work to dispel the myths and face the mess we’re in, or are we comfortable where we are?

Admittedly, perceptions vary and people see things differently. This is especially true regarding things that are more obscure where we aren’t able to see or find out firsthand what is going on, or where there is no clear solution. But there are plenty of situations right here in our own backyard where we know or at least has access to, more clear information and facts about the true state of things. Perceptions can be misleading and while we are led to believe certain things consequences and results speak volumes by showing us that we are irrelevant and here to be exploited for the convenience and profit of a few. Given the amounts of money and effort that is diverted elsewhere, there is no way they should be able to rationalize away their poor performance at home.

It’s sad to say but many don’t even realize they are living under false assumptions and assurances and accept what is projected as truth. What’s worse is there are many who don’t even care. But I care, and I know I’m not alone in this. It’s time for us to discard the myths, put doubt and accountability into the equation, and open up the path to assessing and correcting the damage that has been done. Vigilance is no longer a part of the American mentality and has been replaced by complacency and acceptance. The purpose and experiences of the American Revolution have lost its meaning and importance and are now nothing more than dry facts on a sheet of paper. Do we really want to have to do it again? It may very well come to pass that we have no choice.

“Reality is the leading cause of stress for those in touch with it.”  ~  Jack Wagner

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