A Regime Change to Call Our Own

It was bound to happen, sooner or later. America’s long history of regime change has finally come home to roost. Those who pushed so ardently for it elsewhere are now pushing for it here. Ah, the irony of it all. Wonder how this one’s going to turn out. If past events are any indication then fasten your seat-belt. It could well be a bumpy ride.

Regime change can be a messy and nasty business, and there’s certainly no shortage of nastiness going around Washington. It’s hard to imagine it getting worse, but no doubt it will. The entrenched establishment wants Trump gone so bad they can taste it, and they’re doing whatever they can to make it happen. They’re desperately looking for anything they can use to impeach him. They are also using the well-documented formula of funding and inciting a color revolution to help bring about this regime change. It’s nothing other than an intelligence op courtesy of the CIA and backed by the establishment.

Getting student youth involved to form protest movements is a strategic factor in regime change. Youth can be easily manipulated because of their idealistic innocence and lack of life experience. They want to participate in the crusade; to stick up for what they see as wrong done to others. Or perhaps there’s no real motivation other than being part of a movement and getting their fifteen minutes. Whatever their motivation is they’re missing critical pieces of the picture. They’re following obediently along and putting their focus where they’re being directed to put it. Are they not concerned about anything else, or are they merely prey to an effective process of distraction and misdirection?

Where is their indignation about the high cost of tuition? Or the poor job prospects? Or the death, destruction, chaos, and de-stabilization wrought by foreign policy? Or the poverty and worsening life standards people everywhere face?  Or the loss of rights and privacy concerns? Where are they with their signs and slogans and marches? Where were they even before the election? They’re being used as pawns in a scheme that in the end will not benefit them in the least. Someday they’ll wake up to find that while they were busy defending the rights of certain groups and focusing all hatred and anger on Trump, we all lost our rights.

Notice too, how academia as a whole has jumped on the bandwagon. The social pressures to conform to the extremes of political correctness have certainly done its job. The threat of having funding withheld or losing one’s job is a great motivator too. Higher education is, after all, a business. The universities are so intent on following the approved agenda they’re putting the state of higher education in jeopardy. Its value is being greatly diminished as the focus is not on teaching students how to think critically for themselves, but programming them on what to think. This is dangerous and should be raising red flags.

The mainstream media is also deeply complicit in this attempt at regime change. Full-blown state propaganda has taken over in the western world. They are the tip of the spear, and have proven themselves to be unreliable, unprofessional, and biased. Indeed, there is much that happens in the world that is ignored by them. If it doesn’t fit the approved corporate and political narrative, then it’s not news, or it’s deemed to be fake news. Anyone who doubts this should considerably widen their research to include other sources and perspectives.

And let’s not overlook the money. There’s plenty of funding to help fuel the flames of regime change. This is a well-documented practice in other countries and it’s happening here now. The U.S. gave five million (and some cookies) to fund the regime change in Ukraine. Why would the same not happen here? There are many other sources too that provide money to various NGOs, institutes, and foundations that are willing to push the agenda of the U.S. and the world’s elites. This is standard practice. Look it up.

What we’re witnessing is a vendetta against one man – Trump. Was he a poor choice for president? Yes, he was, but so was Clinton. They’re both equally scary in their own ways. It’s doubtful, though, that we would’ve seen the backlash had Clinton won, but that’s because she was an establishment candidate. Trump is considered an outsider to be disposed of.

What does this tell us about the political state of the country? It tells us that the problems go much deeper than the office of the president and we should be focused on the system that presented us with these very poor choices. America is not ruled by one man alone and it is not a democracy. Changing the president and nothing else is like putting a bandage on a wound that requires major surgery.

What we need is a vendetta against the established elite and the system that has been hijacked and manipulated to benefit them, and only them. Too many people aren’t recognizing this and the very real dangers it presents.

Changing the president isn’t going to rid the country or the world of the inherent problems we face. We’ll still be plagued with corruption and greed at all levels of government. We’ll still have an aggressive foreign policy. We’ll still have a fragile economy with people unable to make a livable wage. The infrastructure will continue to deteriorate. The healthcare system will still be an increasingly expensive and dysfunctional mess. And the shadow government will still be in place exerting their influence in politics and people’s lives.

Those who back regime change because of their dislike for one man should be careful what they ask for. Such a move may only erode our system of government even more. It may depend on the methods and means used to make it happen. But every action taken by the government seems to open the door to further change that is detrimental to us in the end and is ultimately leading to a system that bears no resemblance to what was intended. It will also set a very dangerous precedent. Is this really what we want?







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