Control as a Fundamental Motivation

From the time we are born we are subjected to control by others in one form or another. There have always been and will always be controls in place, such as laws designed by societies to maintain a sense of stability and order. These are accepted by most to be normal and necessary. Yet control is often pursued and used with negative intentions and consequences. It’s these controls we must be mindful of as they are the most sought after, fought after, and dangerous things in the world. Locally, regionally, and globally; the fight for control is ongoing and plays out in many covert and overt ways both large and small.

Money and power are two of the most corruptible influences in the world. There are addictive qualities attached to these that are apparent to anyone paying attention. Those who actively pursue and acquire one or both of these are never satisfied and tend to want to more. Enough is never enough, and this mission of accumulation is a full-time job often involving manipulations, deceit, and dubious back room dealings. Money brings purchasing power; the more you have the more you can buy. Power brings the ability, directly or indirectly, to put in place or determine decision and policy making. But it must be asked what money and power really bring in the end, and the answer is control.

Control is the real name of the game, and it is a compulsion that is the driving force behind the decisions and actions of many, whether it is acknowledged as such or not. Control is the end goal and ultimate power trip. We experience the effects of this in our personal lives and through connections to distant bodies such as banks, corporations, and government. There are so many examples that if I tried to list them all I would be here awhile. It is likely I will touch on some in future articles, so I will limit it here.

Big governments push their own agendas to gain control of other regions, either directly or by proxy. Destabilizing regions and installing those who will push the desired agenda allowing for control of resources, economies, and even social conditions is not an improvement for most. There is always a price to be paid, and it’s the general population who end up paying it. Protecting their interests or sphere of influence is what is claimed, and to an extent this may be true, but essentially this is camouflaged language as control is the intended objective. All other considerations are or become incidental, and the huge propaganda machine is used to muddy the waters on all types of issues, situations, and conflicts everywhere. This is true historically, and it is true today.

Local and regional governments are also known to exert their control in ways that have little to do with common sense or the common good. They may be big fishes in little ponds but make no mistake they guard their power jealously. They surround themselves with and reward those who court them, and they don’t take seriously their role as public servants when they rule as if it’s their personal fiefdom. It’s truly a sad spectacle to watch. No wonder the system is crumbling from within, yet they can’t see it. There is no real comprehension that even though they are just a cog in the machine, they are contributing to the decline of the system as a whole when they seek to control it for their own gain and agendas.

Big banks strive to control the economy through manipulation and deceitful practices. They focus on short term gains, risky investments, market manipulations, and bonuses for themselves. Long term implications of their actions either escape their notice, they delude themselves that all is well, or they simply don’t care. And really, why should they care? For the most part, they are protected by government with little fear of any serious reprimands, criminal charges, or changes to their business structure or bottom line. There is no incentive for them to change.

Large corporations strive to control people – through their wallets. An enormous amount of money goes into research that they then use to devise marketing strategies to boost their profits. They do their best to convince us of how wonderful and trustworthy they are, and what a perfect fit they are for us. Even though we pay them to provide us with a product or service, they make all the rules and we end up with the short end of the stick. We don’t get a lot for our money and they are expert at creating bureaucratic mazes that can try the patience of a saint. If their product or service is something we want or need or we are locked in a contract, then any inconveniences and headaches incurred are just part of doing business with them and should be expected and tolerated with good grace on our part.

Religions have always been zealous in their efforts to gain control over peoples’ behaviors, mindsets, money and yes, even their children. Most of these people truly have no respect for individual freewill and utilizing the minds we were born with, and they very much enjoy telling others how wrong they are if their beliefs differ. Guilt and emotional blackmail are used to maintain control and violence and bloodshed is not beneath them. History speaks for itself here and the examples are numerous.

School systems are prime places not only for the use of control, but for indoctrination of it. They employ policies to ensure conformity and compliance to a set educational and politically minded curriculum. It is an environment where encouraging practical and positive growth and development of thought processes is stifled and monitored. But it is an extremely important environment as it affects the young and therefore the future.

Indications of all of the above, and more, can be recognized when following events and issues in the world. Many people seem to be apathetic about the amount of control others have over their lives. I know many are hopeful that as situations deteriorate, as it appears they are, more will become not only uncomfortable with this reality, but more reluctant to give away control so easily and to even take some back.

The first step in resisting the control others exert is by recognizing it for what it is. It makes it easier to tune them out when there is awareness that what comes out of their mouths is not to be trusted. It is important to pay attention to what they do and not what they say. To deny them control whenever possible, even in small ways, is a step forward. Only when enough people become aware and willing will we affect any change for the better. It is true that we can’t control everything, but if we don’t begin taking back control we have either given or had taken away then the only thing we have to look forward to is losing even more. That is not a future to look forward to.


“The human race is a herd. Here we are, unique, eternal aspects of consciousness with an infinity of potential, and we have allowed ourselves to become an unthinking, unquestioning blob of conformity and uniformity. A herd. Once we concede to the herd mentality, we can be controlled and directed by a tiny few. And we are.”     ~ David Icke