Destroyers of Language

What has happened to language? We developed it to make us strong. Now it’s used to make us weak. It’s a chaotic mess used to deceive, manipulate, obstruct, steal and destroy. That it’s occurring over such a large spectrum is a good indicator of major upheaval to come – be it world war, civil war, or a totalitarian state. Language is always the first casualty.

Yes, there have always been those who use language in negative ways for their own ends. This is nothing new, but it’s become an invasive and popular practice that rewards and advances those who regularly do it, and confuses and punishes those who do not. Everything has been turned on its head and truth is avoided like the plague.

It was easy, really. Change the language, and you change the meaning. Change the meaning, and you change results. Change results, and you change the world. At least, that’s the thinking.

Enter the “fake news” mania. The major news sources are no longer functioning properly. They have become the puppets and property of the state, whether they can allow themselves to admit it or not. We’re like animals in a zoo to them. We must be “fed” what is true – whether it’s good for us is not important.

This has also spread to most other sectors of society where a policy of language manipulation has been adopted. The goal, of course, is to lead people down a trail of false hopes and unattainable goals, or present them with confusing language that is damn near impossible to decipher. Language has become nothing more than a tool used to mask the true objectives and outcomes of the corrupt.

Pay close attention to what the politicians say, and the way in which they say it.  Public speeches or statements are crafted to present an impression of goodwill, cooperation, and concern. But they never say what they really mean, or really mean what they say. It’s a game. Its real life Monopoly and the stakes are high. All bets are off.

Listening to a politician or public persona speak can be incredibly painful experience unless, of course, you’re stupid enough to take what you’re hearing at face value. In truth, language has been so thoroughly damaged and changed that it’s become necessary to dissect not only every phrase, but every word – literally. We must constantly be searching for the hidden meaning behind what is said. The only time language is employed with any honesty is when it’s forced.

Likewise, nothing is to be written using plain, easy to understand language. That puts too much power in the hands of the average person – an unacceptable situation – and so the language is made incomprehensible to most. Specialization in any area is needed to understand and navigate its complex web, and it’s very questionable just how much the experts themselves really understand.

Ever try deciphering and understanding tax codes or insurance claims statements? Anything containing any type of legal language is not meant to be understood. But how much do the lawyers themselves really understand? Do lawyers have to turn to other lawyers to figure out the meaning of what other lawyers wrote? Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Perhaps, but crazy is the new normal, and the crazy are running the show.

And these crazy people have a real love of mazes. Constructing linguistic mazes is essential to their success. It is somewhat of a struggle for them though. Notice the frantic need to keep constructing ever more nonsensical mazes in a desperate attempt to control narratives, outcomes, and people. This can be interpreted as a good sign. It means they know they aren’t in total control and are experiencing fear as a result. We should be taking advantage of this.

Here in the Western world, especially, destroyers of language are paid well. It’s a full-time job with many perks and bonuses. For those whose internal compass doesn’t run along such devious lines, navigating linguistic mazes is nothing short of a nightmare full of dangers. Now, thanks to political correctness, such hazards have seeped into everyday society. Say what you mean and mean what you say and you’re frowned at and considered abnormal, even criminal. Reward the criminal and punish the honest.

The destroyers of language are leading us down into the abyss. If there’s any hope of crawling back out of it we must start with reversing the damage they’ve done – and it begins with language. We must adapt a constant state of challenging the narrative and exposing the lies – repeatedly. Tear down their words, expose the lies behind them, and call them to account. The language they’ve been destroying we must work to rebuild. Is this risky and dangerous? Yes, it is, but it must be done, or we will lose everything.



Turn Fear Around and Use it Like a Wicked Slider

What do you fear? Is it terrorism, nuclear war, disease, poverty, job loss, crime, the police, privacy loss, or climate change? Or perhaps it’s losing your social status, youthful appearance, or not keeping up with the Joneses? Maybe you don’t consider any of these fears, just worries or concerns. It doesn’t really matter. The political and corporate elite don’t hesitate to turn anything they can into fear and prey on it.

Fear is an effective tool of manipulation and control. In these chaotic and perilous times everything is being taken to a whole new level and fears of all kinds are flourishing. The list of fears is as long as it is varied, and they’re coming in at us hard and fast like wicked sliders in baseball.

They need us fearful and confused. It keeps us in line and them in control. Is there going to be a major war, or not? Will there be another economic collapse soon, or not? Is this certain food or activity healthy, or not? Just a few months ago we heard it is; now we’re hearing it’s not. Will you still have a job six months from now, or not? Will you lose your health insurance, or not? And on and on the list goes. Can you see the slippery slope? Fear leaves us confused, distracted, and at odds with each other. It’s an effective sleight of hand trick employed on a global scale.

But finally we are seeing it turning around and fear is now alive and well on the other side of the socioeconomic divide. They cannot always control the narrative or results in real time as they once did. They’re trying hard, but they’re failings are piling up. The quick flow, access, and sharing of information have proven to be a real thorn in their side, and they absolutely fear and hate it.

Cracks in the foundation are multiplying due to their massive, widespread corruption and criminal activity. People are doing some serious digging and questioning. This is causing them major problems, leaving them hopping from situation to situation as they attempt damage control. They’re increasingly flustered and off their previously well-oiled game. It’s rather enjoyable to watch.

Exposure must be their biggest fear. They have money, power, influence, safety and security, yet they have farther to fall then we do. The increasing threats of exposure from multiple directions can magnify their fears and ultimately bring them down. Not all at once, but this weakens them over time.

The potential loss of the money, power, and control they have accumulated must be nightmarish to them. They should be worried because they are, slowly but surely, being exposed for the frauds and criminals many of them are. Most of what they have has been taken from us through deception or by force, or we have blindly and stupidly given it away to them. It will take more of the same, and then some, for them to keep it.

It seems as though time is running short. The more they are exposed, the harder and dirtier they fight, and the more impatient they are to push through their agendas. What does this mean for us? It means further loss of our already eroded privacy and freedoms, more war, and a continuing decline of national, individual, and environmental resources. None of this is anything to look forward to. Expect a very hard struggle.

We must find ways of using their fears against them to weaken them further. It’s time to stop listening, believing, and giving chances. Nothing will improve unless, and until, the people take action. Turn the fear around and start throwing some wicked sliders of our own. Every little bit counts. Many of us together can have an impact.

For example, imposing sanctions is a tactic they favor. This would be a good place to start. We can impose our own brand of sanctions without ever leaving the house. Let’s start speaking their language and hit them with things they’ll understand.

Get away from relying on the mainstream media as a primary news source. This is essential. Check the headlines if you must, but they’re so shallow and biased that it’s unnecessary to read further. Their main concern is ratings and spewing out the approved narrative. Why reward them for that?  Their credibility is dwindling fast as they continually prove untrustworthy. Let’s capitalize on this, turn their fear into a reality, and render the mainstream news obsolete. Consider ditching mainstream television as well; it’s just mind numbing nonsense that you’re paying for.

Most people use Facebook, Twitter, and Google – one if not all three. There are major privacy and censorship concerns with all these. If you use all three, or even two, get rid of at least one. There are other options out there. If you want to protect your privacy as much as possible, and don’t want any outside party controlling what you see, then you should seriously consider not using these big companies. There are also concerns that Amazon is getting way too big. Consider using their services sparingly, if at all. Buy local when you can, or order direct from companies.

Find an independent investigative news organization, journalist, or organization focusing on constitutional or civil liberties to donate to who are working on our behalf. They have small budgets and could use the help. We should support those who are on our side instead of those who just want to control our money and our lives. Just do thorough research first to make sure you know to whom, and for what, your money is going.

These are just a few suggestions, but there are many, many more. These may not seem like much, and if only a few participate then they aren’t. But if many of us do something then we can be more effective at preying on their fears. Take a look at what you use in your life and what changes can be made. Use your imagination. There are ways to resist without joining protests or signing petitions. Passive resistance can be very effective. We should take control where we can, even in small ways.

Most people are aware, at least on some level, that things aren’t right with the world. Perhaps the biggest thing we can do right now is to communicate with each other. Talk to people and share information and ideas. Pay close attention to policies and policymakers, and ask questions. The powers that be fear this too. We’ve been kept in intellectual ignorance and submission for many years. We need to reverse that trend.

It’s our own governments, financial institutions, and the big multi-national corporations whose very greed and self-centered focus has brought such chaos, destruction, and decline into societies the world over. Contrary to all the endless promises and cleverly crafted language from politicians, people see that their lives are getting worse, not better.

It’s a pretty sure bet that when they say one thing, the truth is actually the opposite. Austerity is for us, not them. Obeying laws is for us, not them. Having insufficient or no healthcare is for us, not them. No expectation of privacy is for us, not them. Loss of rights is for us, not them. And again, the list goes on and on. We are truly in a fight for survival now.

Make no mistake about it; fear does exist on both sides of the socioeconomic divide. Let’s turn it to our advantage. This may not be a war we can win, but we shouldn’t even consider surrendering without a fight. It isn’t quite “game over” yet.







The Not-So-Amazing World of Carny Politics

Time is short, the election is drawing near, and carny politics has been the defining characteristic of this campaign. This makes it hard to take either of the two major candidates seriously. They are making fools of themselves. Their focus is skewed and good luck figuring out their priorities. If this is what we have vying for one of the top jobs in the world then we are in sorry shape indeed. Bring on the clowns and the cotton candy.

Where then, is the media in all of this? Remember those who are supposed to hold the government accountable? Oh, that’s right, they’re the ones supporting and broadcasting carny politics right into our homes. They enjoy providing a dizzying ride that spins faster and faster and leaves a sickening feeling behind. Just know that the ride never stops so if you want off you must jump. Perhaps we should call them the Carny Media instead of the Mainstream Media. But I’m sure that would offend their politically correct sensibilities. Can’t have that now, can we?

They, and the candidates, are like invasive species feeding off each other. Together they have created a maze of illusions, paranoia, and deceit. It’s a precarious path, and for them it has become an intoxicating and addicting one. A laser like focus on controlling content and direction has blinded them to the many hazards they have instigated. The road to the future has become littered with theoretical mine fields that, given the right trigger, have the potential to be as deadly as the real thing.

This is a never ending nightmare worse than any horror movie. And the nightmare will continue long after the winner gets their White House prize. Perhaps we should rename it the Fun House. After all, that is where the head clown resides. A place where nothing is as it seems and people hide behind many masks and play many games. They make their own rules yet are the first to break them.

Carny politics is a stupid yet dangerous game. Its very danger lies in its stupidity. We should be asking how much of this stupidity is intentional. Just like the magician, they are using misdirection to focus attention where they want it, and away from where they don’t. Why are we hearing about sexist and racial comments and acts from years ago now? Why is it so important to blame Russia for leaked emails, without proof, rather than addressing the content of those emails? It’s just distraction tactics pulled from their common bag of tricks.

The politically correct culture is anything but correct. Its distracting rhetoric adds nothing meaningful or productive to the mix, especially in the current climate. It’s used primarily to stir things up, and quite effectively too. Meanwhile, pressing issues are left to rot in the world outside the protected realm of carny politics. How long can this go on? Given the chaos and uncertainty in the world, a major priority adjustment is in order. Sooner rather than later, or the next president may end up being the last.


Unmasking the Politicians

Election season is on us again here in America and we know what that means – lies, lies, and more lies. This is nothing out of the ordinary; the lies just get ramped up during this time, as it’s the granddaddy spectacle of political life. The presidential election serves to highlight, more than any other time all which is disturbing and wrong in our politicians and our political system.

Politicians lie about all kinds of things which become evident as campaign promises are repeatedly and systematically broken by those who obtain office. These people are pathological liars who lie consistently. It’s a disease I call Diarrhea of the Mouth because every time they open their mouths the only thing that comes out is a bunch of shit. That may sound harsh, but the truth often is. The biggest lie about the elections is that they are a democratic process. They are not. Democracy was taken out of the equation a long time ago. The end result is that the person with the most powerful people and organizations behind them – along with their money – wins, and I believe this is decided long before the show begins, and make no mistake, it is a show.

The debates are painful spectacles to watch if you have the stomach for it. They are not debates in the true sense of the word but a simulated performance meant to maintain an illusion of engagement and participation in a democratic process that exists in name only. The two main political parties hold all the power with little difference between them except stances on contentious domestic social issues. It is on these issues that people who vote must choose who they consider to be the “lesser evil”, and I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve heard people make this remark. This is a serious indicator of a system that is broke and dysfunctional.

The elections aside, it’s common knowledge that politicians lie, and it’s unfortunate that it has become so par for the course that many have become apathetic about it, even though the threat posed to the citizens they supposedly represent is very real. Politics is a game with very high stakes. This game cannot be played or won by being nice or good. There may be the odd politician here or there who is decent, but they are rare, don’t have much impact, and tend not to last long within the game.

Politicians strive to present an acceptable image to the public, and they rely heavily on their duplicitous language skills and professional composure and attire to accomplish this. This makes it especially important to look beneath the surface and see what is really in play. It’s time to call the politicians out and expose the true nature of their existence.

Politicians are whores and modern versions of courtesans reminiscent of the courts of kings. This too, may sound harsh but politicians spend the majority of their time not representing and working for the people, but soliciting for money and currying favor from those with money and influence to give. The only real difference is that they’re not selling their bodies but their principles (if they had any to begin with), their votes, and most importantly, they’re selling us out. Collectively, we pay a heavy price for every secretive deal that is cut, for all legislation passed with its hidden implications and obscure language, and for all the misdirection they employ to distract us from seeing too closely what they are really doing.

Politicians are predators. Their positions, with the money and influence it brings, are how they define themselves. Protecting and retaining those positions are extremely important to them. They view their privileged existence as a right, not as a responsibility, and regard people outside the world they inhabit as expendable. They have twisted the logic to suit themselves by adopting the belief that they are not here to serve us, but that we are here to serve them. They are always contriving new ways to take our money and our liberties. And they do it with a smile on their face.

Yet politicians are also puppets. They are the tools used extensively to take from, and control, the masses. They are owned by the people they have sold themselves to, and this makes them expendable too in the end. They are very aware of this – how can they not be? – as there are always others ready and willing to fill their shoes if they fall short of expectations, and this more than anything else keeps them in predatory mode. It’s not survival of the fittest, but survival of the most pliable. Karl Marx once said that religion is the opiate of the masses, but what is the opiate of the politician? It is status, money, and influence, and works quite well to keep them pushing the agendas of those who control them – and it’s not us.

Returning to the subject of elections, some people complain about those who choose not to exercise their right to vote. As people come to believe and understand that their vote doesn’t count, they lose their reason and motivation to do so. They are correct about their vote not counting, but not voting is precisely what politicians and their backers want to see. They know that in the end they won’t have to take from us that which we have already given up, and they are dead set on a course to take as much from us as they can.

Then there are people who keep hoping for a candidate to win who will actually do what they say they will. I don’t think this is possible any longer. The system is so corrupt and so controlled that such people would never be allowed to obtain office. They are allowed to participate in the race but don’t get any farther. The third party candidates on the ballot are there for show. It’s part of the illusion that we have a choice, but these people have little more chance of winning than I do.

It never ceases to amaze me when I see and hear people enthusiastically backing a certain candidate. They may think they are voting for change or the best candidate, but all we get is more of the same, and I think it’s safe to say that things get progressively worse with each successive administration, and this has been the trend for decades.

I have heard and read in various contexts over time, as I’m sure most have, references to the few being sacrificed for the good of the many. This is not a true statement when looking at the political climate today. It’s the many who are being sacrificed for the good of the few, and our politicians are complicit in ensuring that this happens.

“Politicians are masters of the art of deception.” ~ Martin L. Gross