Contentious Social Issues

Oh those troublesome social issues; what a true breeding ground of condemnations, hostility, and willful blind ignorance for the close-minded and self-righteous they are. People are always fighting to have laws, policies, and people put in place that reflect their positions, but the fact remains that they cannot change people at their core – much as they wish they could. Even if it were possible, I don’t think that would make them happy. Where would they direct their anger then? They would be lost without it and certain contentious social issues provide the perfect channel for such people.

The two that fit the bill the best are abortion and homosexuality. These volatile issues are conditions that have been a part of the human experience forever and they aren’t going to go away. It doesn’t matter if you approve of them or not; they are a fact. Tremendous energy is wasted by people trying to make the system match their own personal beliefs – for that’s what it amounts to – while more pressing concerns are ignored.

Claiming that abortion is murder is merely a personal judgment – not an indisputable fact. It’s an extremely private matter that people have no business imposing their personal beliefs on. Such condescending behavior is misplaced. Instead of worrying about those who aren’t here yet – in fact aren’t even developed enough to be here – why not worry about those who are and are in need of help?

For example, human trafficking is a huge problem and many children are victims of this. They are here now, they need help now, yet we’re not hearing the same outrage as is directed toward abortion. In fact, we’re not hearing much of anything. Why is that? Is it because it’s easier and safer to attack average people than it is to take on potentially dangerous ones?

The impression here is very strong that shows of concern are directly related to a preoccupation with social appearances and an inflated sense of righteousness that no one is entitled to. In other words, a need to be seen as virtuous people who are doing God’s work is often used as a means to justify a superior attitude and a perceived right to interfere in others’ personal decisions.

What is deemed as God’s work is open to interpretation however. If God exists, and he has a problem with abortion, then let it be between him and the person who has one. It’s no one else’s business. To claim to speak for God is presumptuous in the extreme – an epidemic that has plagued civilization for centuries.

To make matters worse, many of these same people feel the need to extend their positions to include birth control. The best way to prevent abortion is to prevent pregnancy. To ignore or deny this disregards common sense and responsible behavior, and highlights the extraordinary view these people have of themselves. Their constant attempt to interfere in the personal lives of others demonstrates stupidity and arrogance taken to the next level.

Some of these same individuals can be found attacking homosexuality and the LGBT community. They are offended by this behavior, and I wonder why. Could there be some underlying issues here? Such intense concern with others’ sexual and lifestyle choices are suggestive of an obsession with sex on some level, or else a sexual insecurity. These may be unacknowledged, but even if there is awareness, they are unable to openly admit to this. Reactions bear this out because many aren’t just disproving, but are “threatened” by it. This is evident when observing their reactions. They get a little too angry; a little too offended, and protest a little too loudly.

Gay marriage and gay parenting are also contentious issues. Consenting adults should be free to choose and marry who they wish. Love can really only be defined on an individual basis and level. It’s not for society to dictate as long as the parties are responsible adults. We all know there are plenty of heterosexual couples who don’t fall into this category. We should be supportive of any couples who do.

As for parenting, the quality of parenting skills is not dependent on gender but on the character of the parents. Children with a safe and secure home life should always be the goal, and if a gay couple can provide this than why would anyone oppose it? Look at how many troubled children there are with heterosexual parents. Yet apparently many believe the gender of parents are more important than the quality of a child’s life, just as many believe it’s more important that every child be born with little concern for their life after they’re here.

It’s not the beliefs these people hold that should be questioned as much as it is their motivations. Using God as an excuse for venting personal biases and hang-ups is unacceptable, and so is projecting those biases and hang-ups onto others. It’s okay to have beliefs and opinions. It’s not necessary to like these things or approve of them, but a sounder perspective is needed. With all the serious problems we face, focusing on very private and personal choices of individuals is petty and intrusive. It accomplishes nothing except to continually fuel the fans of anger and conflict.

In case it has escaped anyone’s notice, the world is experiencing chaos and turmoil on many levels. We face much more important concerns and our energy would be better directed to addressing these. After all, we do have the potential to destroy ourselves and life as we know it, and if that happens then nothing will matter.