Trust is Lost and People are Moving

It’s unmistakable that people worldwide are on the move and we are all at least witness to this, even if we aren’t all moving yet. Rising levels of discontent, disillusion, and alarm have brought about a process of awakening that has provided the push for this movement. Evidence of this is clear no matter what news is followed, and this movement takes many forms. Leaders of all types fear this as it threatens their sense of control and stability. These events should really come as no surprise to them. This is what happens when trust is lost. It causes people to move.

Movement on the internet is extensive as people flock to express their loss of trust. It is here that people are moving words and expressing their ideas, opinions, personal experiences, and concerns. Social media, blogs, YouTube and other sites are common outlets. It’s also here where investigative journalists and independent news sites can publish what the mainstream media refuses to. Is it no wonder that an open internet scares the hell out of the powerful and influential? The last thing they want is communication, awareness, and unity of any kind. This can topple empires.

Protests have been popping up in various places around the world for quite some time. People are gathering in large numbers to take a stance against things like Monsanto, climate change, the war in Syria, the TPP trade deal, and austerity measures to name but a few. Police in riot gear are also a common sight at these protests. Europe especially is seeing a lot of protests and contention due to the refugee movement and is looking more and more like a powder keg.

Movements have sprung up because people no longer trust that any changes or improvements will be made. America has seen Occupy Wall Street, which didn’t last, and the Tea Party which has since been absorbed by the Republican Party and is no longer what it was in its beginning. Now we are seeing the Black Lives Matter movement, but it remains to be seen what will happen with that. Most likely there will be more movements pop up in our future as situations remain unchanged and those with power remain obstinate while people remain dissatisfied.

People are leaving war torn regions. This is a literal movement of people who have lost trust in the ability of any government to improve the situation. Violence and death in these areas plays out on a continuous loop with no end in sight. These areas are not physically, economically, socially, or intellectually viable, stable, or safe for the average person or family. Is it any wonder that those who are able to are leaving?

Whistleblowers and investigative journalists are nothing new, but the personal risks they now run are more dangerous than ever before. They are viewed as enemies, and they are being dealt with in an increasingly hostile manner. Every year many lose their lives, their freedom, or experience harassment, and yet continue to bring out into the open that which others want to keep hidden. Every time they do so we are reminded that our loss of trust is not misplaced or the result of paranoia.

Organizations have been formed to try and protect and fight for rights as the only truth that can be trusted here is that the restrictions are increasing and invasive. Privacy, the internet, the Constitution, intellectual property, mass surveillance, civil rights, gun rights, – these and other areas are where very real battles are being waged daily. Leaders, corporations, and special interests are trying to take away or severely limit what little we have left, but they are encountering opposition and will continue to do so.

Trust has even been lost between world leaders. They all lie, engage in double-dealing, and have their own agendas. They are playing a game with very high stakes. How can people who operate in such a manner possibly trust one another? Well they can’t, and they don’t. This is why they are unable to work together, at least for any length of time, or on any type of equal footing. They have proven that their expertise lies in creating or exacerbating problems, not solving them, and we are the ones with the most to lose.

Trust is not always lost all at once. Sometimes it involves a long, slow process of awakening. This is what is happening now. The momentum is building, and is going to continue to build because for the most part the trust is gone, and what little remains are fragile. Trust is a wonderful, comforting thing when you have it, even though it is often taken for granted. When it is gone it leaves a huge void and that void is being filled with movement by people who are experiencing and taking the loss of trust seriously.

Yet what is the sad underlying truth of all this? It’s that governments, leaders, and the powerful have never really trusted the people at all, and now the people no longer trust them. This is not a sustainable situation.

There can be no peace without trust, and there is too much that is wrong for any trust that may be left to be maintained indefinitely (in some cases), or re-built (in others). So stay tuned and be watchful. There is more to come.