Turn Fear Around and Use it Like a Wicked Slider

What do you fear? Is it terrorism, nuclear war, disease, poverty, job loss, crime, the police, privacy loss, or climate change? Or perhaps it’s losing your social status, youthful appearance, or not keeping up with the Joneses? Maybe you don’t consider any of these fears, just worries or concerns. It doesn’t really matter. The political and corporate elite don’t hesitate to turn anything they can into fear and prey on it.

Fear is an effective tool of manipulation and control. In these chaotic and perilous times everything is being taken to a whole new level and fears of all kinds are flourishing. The list of fears is as long as it is varied, and they’re coming in at us hard and fast like wicked sliders in baseball.

They need us fearful and confused. It keeps us in line and them in control. Is there going to be a major war, or not? Will there be another economic collapse soon, or not? Is this certain food or activity healthy, or not? Just a few months ago we heard it is; now we’re hearing it’s not. Will you still have a job six months from now, or not? Will you lose your health insurance, or not? And on and on the list goes. Can you see the slippery slope? Fear leaves us confused, distracted, and at odds with each other. It’s an effective sleight of hand trick employed on a global scale.

But finally we are seeing it turning around and fear is now alive and well on the other side of the socioeconomic divide. They cannot always control the narrative or results in real time as they once did. They’re trying hard, but they’re failings are piling up. The quick flow, access, and sharing of information have proven to be a real thorn in their side, and they absolutely fear and hate it.

Cracks in the foundation are multiplying due to their massive, widespread corruption and criminal activity. People are doing some serious digging and questioning. This is causing them major problems, leaving them hopping from situation to situation as they attempt damage control. They’re increasingly flustered and off their previously well-oiled game. It’s rather enjoyable to watch.

Exposure must be their biggest fear. They have money, power, influence, safety and security, yet they have farther to fall then we do. The increasing threats of exposure from multiple directions can magnify their fears and ultimately bring them down. Not all at once, but this weakens them over time.

The potential loss of the money, power, and control they have accumulated must be nightmarish to them. They should be worried because they are, slowly but surely, being exposed for the frauds and criminals many of them are. Most of what they have has been taken from us through deception or by force, or we have blindly and stupidly given it away to them. It will take more of the same, and then some, for them to keep it.

It seems as though time is running short. The more they are exposed, the harder and dirtier they fight, and the more impatient they are to push through their agendas. What does this mean for us? It means further loss of our already eroded privacy and freedoms, more war, and a continuing decline of national, individual, and environmental resources. None of this is anything to look forward to. Expect a very hard struggle.

We must find ways of using their fears against them to weaken them further. It’s time to stop listening, believing, and giving chances. Nothing will improve unless, and until, the people take action. Turn the fear around and start throwing some wicked sliders of our own. Every little bit counts. Many of us together can have an impact.

For example, imposing sanctions is a tactic they favor. This would be a good place to start. We can impose our own brand of sanctions without ever leaving the house. Let’s start speaking their language and hit them with things they’ll understand.

Get away from relying on the mainstream media as a primary news source. This is essential. Check the headlines if you must, but they’re so shallow and biased that it’s unnecessary to read further. Their main concern is ratings and spewing out the approved narrative. Why reward them for that?  Their credibility is dwindling fast as they continually prove untrustworthy. Let’s capitalize on this, turn their fear into a reality, and render the mainstream news obsolete. Consider ditching mainstream television as well; it’s just mind numbing nonsense that you’re paying for.

Most people use Facebook, Twitter, and Google – one if not all three. There are major privacy and censorship concerns with all these. If you use all three, or even two, get rid of at least one. There are other options out there. If you want to protect your privacy as much as possible, and don’t want any outside party controlling what you see, then you should seriously consider not using these big companies. There are also concerns that Amazon is getting way too big. Consider using their services sparingly, if at all. Buy local when you can, or order direct from companies.

Find an independent investigative news organization, journalist, or organization focusing on constitutional or civil liberties to donate to who are working on our behalf. They have small budgets and could use the help. We should support those who are on our side instead of those who just want to control our money and our lives. Just do thorough research first to make sure you know to whom, and for what, your money is going.

These are just a few suggestions, but there are many, many more. These may not seem like much, and if only a few participate then they aren’t. But if many of us do something then we can be more effective at preying on their fears. Take a look at what you use in your life and what changes can be made. Use your imagination. There are ways to resist without joining protests or signing petitions. Passive resistance can be very effective. We should take control where we can, even in small ways.

Most people are aware, at least on some level, that things aren’t right with the world. Perhaps the biggest thing we can do right now is to communicate with each other. Talk to people and share information and ideas. Pay close attention to policies and policymakers, and ask questions. The powers that be fear this too. We’ve been kept in intellectual ignorance and submission for many years. We need to reverse that trend.

It’s our own governments, financial institutions, and the big multi-national corporations whose very greed and self-centered focus has brought such chaos, destruction, and decline into societies the world over. Contrary to all the endless promises and cleverly crafted language from politicians, people see that their lives are getting worse, not better.

It’s a pretty sure bet that when they say one thing, the truth is actually the opposite. Austerity is for us, not them. Obeying laws is for us, not them. Having insufficient or no healthcare is for us, not them. No expectation of privacy is for us, not them. Loss of rights is for us, not them. And again, the list goes on and on. We are truly in a fight for survival now.

Make no mistake about it; fear does exist on both sides of the socioeconomic divide. Let’s turn it to our advantage. This may not be a war we can win, but we shouldn’t even consider surrendering without a fight. It isn’t quite “game over” yet.






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