What’s Behind The Russian Hacking Allegations

The cries of Russian hacking have finally begun to subside. They were a convenient diversion which seems to have run its course – for now anyway. But diversion is exactly the point. Continuous diversions and accusations are being used as distraction and misdirection tools and not just by Clinton and the Democrats. There are plenty of Republicans in that mix too. In fact, anyone who is a part of, or has been hoodwinked by the Establishment is absolutely furious. Their agenda has been upended. Blaming Russia for something is usually a part of that, but as with most things there are unsaid motives behind this story.

Clinton, the Democratic Party, and their supporters absolutely refuse to accept any responsibility for the election loss, or perhaps their psyche just renders them incapable of it. The blame must be placed elsewhere. Not only that, but they seem to be unable to move past the loss. They were blindsided and humiliated, and now they are extremely angry. Now should be the time to regroup, rethink, and rebuild. Instead, they have embarked on a new campaign; a campaign consisting of revenge, slander, and propaganda. There is no interest in rising from the ashes, only in stoking the embers.

They desperately want to direct focus away from the content of the Clinton emails and their implications, and onto a source. They also want to downplay that she used a private email server. The last thing anyone in the political structure wants is people looking too closely at their inner workings. No better way than to distract people with allegations of Russian hacking. It has become clear that there are major problems and some very questionable practices, and people, within the Democratic Party. Clinton will claim innocence and try to hide her deceit to her dying day, but she is dishonest, and this has long been known. She may have been “cleared”, but she is far from guiltless. In the current political climate placing blame is more important than admitting to it, especially when the stakes are so high.

Interference in elections by any country other than the U.S. is not acceptable. If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black then I don’t know what is. It’s become a normal part of U.S. foreign relations policy to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. According to a study done by Don Levin of Carnegie Mellon University, there were “81 times the United States has attempted to influence presidential elections in other countries between 1946 and 2000.” I wonder how many more can be added from 2000 to present. And this study didn’t even include military coups and regime changes supported and enacted by the U.S. If Russian hacking did influence the election I hardly think we have any room to complain. Both countries are guilty of trying to interfere in the past.

Russia must, at any cost, be the enemy. This is especially true of a strong and independent Russia. Russia’s foreign policy has been one of reason and constraint, proving much more stable and effective than the U.S. policy. This has proved embarrassing to the Establishment, and so the warmongers are beating their drums ever more loudly. It’s long been their strategy to intentionally worsen relations with Russia by portraying them as the evil aggressor, so a Russian hacking movement was considered an opportunity too good to be wasted. The military industrial complex needs to keep the money-making machine rolling. This is a high stakes game and they are willing to risk all to keep it going.

The voters are stupid. They are unable to come right out and say the voters are stupid for choosing Trump over Clinton, but they’d probably love to. Politicians have long thought voters stupid. As it would be stupid of them to say that publicly they did the next best thing – blame Russia. They would have us believe that Russian hacking of emails, and subsequent disclosures by WikiLeaks were the reason for the election loss. They can offer up no proof for this, only lots of suspicion, innuendo, and “fake news”, believing that all voters are stupid enough to buy it.

Putin and Trump are both hated and feared. Why? Because these two are viewed by the Establishment control freaks as rogue players on the world stage. They follow their own script, not the Establishment approved one, and for this they are both hated and feared. Control is slipping and panic is setting in. World upheaval and unrest are real. People want change from worsening life situations. Do Putin and Trump signal a change in world leaders that will continue? There are important European elections coming up this year. What is the Establishment to do? Probably blame Russian hacking if they don’t get the results they want. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Stay tuned, it’s going to get interesting.

Of course, none of this will ever be publicly acknowledged through plain speaking. Consider that they are willing to risk nuclear war, or civil war, to maintain control and achieve their ends. This speaks volumes and none of it good for us. Meaningful dialogue and diplomacy is not in the toolkit, and with their obstinate attitudes the risks have been ever-increasing. We are in a state of perpetual war now. We’ll see where it leads.





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